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. they made a huge blunder in their new 2013 san francisco guide. we'll tell you exactly what that is coming up. lauren: zagat ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ how do you help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech mastpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. >> well you might be thinking of leaving the country if you're candidate doesn't win the presidential election. jetblue though, might be able to help you out a bit the airline will be giving away 2012 seats or 1006 round-trip flights for customers that pick the losing candidate in the election. travelers who visit can enter the election protection contest by picking their choice for president. isn't that nice? >> i guess we want to be a loser here. also "off the desk", maybe zagat should be getting
america great. earthquake took out san francisco and they built a better san francisco. the fire took out chicago and they built a better chicago. i certainly don't want the catastrophe to befall new york city. melissa: no. >> but we're going to have a better new york because that's what new yorkers do. listen to governor cuomo. melissa: we don't want to membership mize any injury to any person out there. obviously always tragic when anything like this happens and but this is a show about money and that's why we're talking about the money angle of it. >> yeah. melissa: there is insurance to cover a lot of the major damage that you're talking about. there is also federal rebuilding as well. that is a potential boom the travel industry was saying they might be the ones that really lose out because people don't travel. if you're somewhere people have to get back. who has a net loss over time that isn't recouped? >> it is somebody like the airlines the flights they lost these last couple days won't be necessarily recouped. certainly not all of them. the people who have direct loss of property
veus san francisco. >> a great saturday. >> the fight is on to the finish. both candidates out pushing their plans to rev up our economy and we find t it's still not in full recovery mode andore u.s. companies are announcing major firing, not hiring. the president has his pamphlet and the governor has his overall plan. and more on the pamphlet later. and is governor romney's call right or wrong? i'm brenda buttner, it's bulls and bears. we've got gary b smith. tobin smith. jonas max ferris along with tim la camp and steve murphy, welme, everybody. okay. the folks at forbes will tackle the pamphlet plan in one hour, fair and balanced. what about the plan to overhaul the tax code. what is it going to mean for jobs. >> i think it's going to be great for jobs. ovrhauling the taxes is the thing that the governor and hopefully president romney can do. and incents, if that's a word, every individual and corporation out there. provides a path of what they're going to do, what they're ing to pay and if it's simplified and overhauled, it will get rid of hopefully a lot of the special int
for example in san francisco we have many taxis that run off of nat gas. cheryl: and the tanks are smaller which i think is interesting. i thought that was an interesting factoid knowledge. there is a company on one of your watch list as well, company that you are recommending and i want to get one more stock out to be viewers, fuel systems solutions. why these two names? >> it plays into that long-haul trucking market. the premier supplier of heavy duty, the big 18 wheeler trucks, they're the big technology and in many cases only technology available for the long-haul trucking market. so we let the proprietary position. they will be the dominant player in the market. fuel systems solutions played sincplaysinto the light to the t more so, already a dominant player in europe and the u.s., we think at that market evolves, it is compelling. cheryl: i think what is interesting is if you look at all the carmakers, honda has actually cornered the market, the u.s. market on having natural gas vehicles. honda is a pretty big name in this space, do you think you have some wheels in this space? >> i
of facial eatment, look no further than at new massage parlor in san francisco. it is bringing in the ancient thai art form of flpping, face slapping. a mere $350 firm of plenty faces with the plastic surgery or injection. and. >> for an extra $5 a call your worthless pieces line. the tenderloin district of san francisco. melissa: it's on a dreary streets. i was looking at that in the article. >> kind of weird. melissa: it does sort of have that feel to it. >> is it an art? melissa: at think it is a cash business. >> a story worth reading. the writer did a great job. i could not even figure out where it came frm. it was very funny, and there were talking about in all seriousness the art of but punching as well, and they tried to say that with a straight face. >> a massage therapist. i did not get slapped. is anybody er done that? they just gave me a normal awesome size. melissa: w quiet he is. >> a lot of time in thailand. >> of face slapped is a very humiliating thing. i cannot see paying for that. [laughter] melissa: okay. they slapped before. you know. here is one. this coul
a littleit with the i is a sar ca sarcasm a sna. gerri: steven. >> i think that san francisco giants won. i have to confess, that debate was really not the most dynamic. one interesting thing that you said off the air, that i agree work political pros score these things different than middle america, political pros said it was a knock out for barack obama. he was in command, but actually, when you look at actual all of the undecided voters, they seem to think that romney held his own. gerri: your 88-year-old mother who really liked romney. i want to talk about tone. i think that president's tone at time had me on edge, here is an example. >> you mentioned the navy for example, we have fewer ships than in 1916. well governor we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. we have these thing things call the aircraft carriers where planes land on them, we have ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines. gerri: what do you make of that tone it seems derisive. >> it is very, sometimes you can say that and b joking but, most women at some time in their li
:00 eastern a last presidential debate. at 8:00 the st. louis cardinals and san francisco giants face-off for their chance to make it in the world series and monday night football. what will america watched? elizabeth macdonald and sandra smith our necks and bones wearing something. stuart: it will be game 7 tonight. san francisco giants score four runs in the second inning of game 6, therefore they beat the card 6-1. the two teams play the deciding game, facing detroit and five years in the world series. that is tonight. a lot of people will be watching that game. also a game between chicago and detroit. four major markets with teams playing in prime time. the previous debate have all attracted huge audiencess but what about tonight? the debate's impact i suggest might be lowered because of the sports programming elsewhere and the foreign policy issue, will that be an audience grabber? let's ask the two ladies in red. they did not coordinate their outfits before appearing this morning. nevertheless, what the thing? sandra: the voice is number one on nbc. people will be watching that
to be up 10% over the next six months. phoenix, scottsdale, 10.7, vegas you just said to 9.5%, san francisco, this is, to me, such great news. to see these markets coming off their bottoms. is there anything besides the looming fiscal crisis here that might derail us? another recession that a lot of economists are talking about? >> several factors are involved. certainly the fiscal cliff is part of the story. if that happens and unemployment creeps back up again, then we have more structural problems that go well beyond housing. certainly it will be addressed. you are right, those beings that we are seeing and projecting through the first quarter of 2013, they need to be taken into context. it is good news and certainly going up is better than going down. but the key is that a lot of these markets, phoenix, miami, tucson, las vegas, all of these markets were severely hit during the downturn. this double-digit growth that is projecting the prices. [talking over each other] gerri: i think it's a great thing. mark, let me turn to you for a second. you said that home prices are up its%
very tan, sir. san francisco is obviously treating you well. >> plenty of sunshine. tracy: tell me why do you think that financial regulation has not gotten the spotlight that many people think it deserves? >> i think there is one, well, there is two big reasons. the first is a lot of mom and pops and investors out there who are worried about wall street are looking at the stock market right now and saying, wow, 13,000 looking at their 401(k) statement and baby .as upset as they were three or four years ago, back when the dow was back at 6000. another big reason is that wall street and big finance have been really aggressive and washington. they have shaped a lot of the legislative reform. it is not a front burner issue. tracy: at the same time, i mean, it is a really touchy subject for the candidates to talk about. that is where they get most of their money. donations from wall street. >> we are talking about colleges so people know, $400 million a year and lobbying alone. when you throw in a national campaign, we are talking about an additional $50 million that comes from the financi
and three other americans dead. >>> and the san francisco giants happy to report beat detroit 8-3 last night. taking guile one of the worll series. giants third baseman pablo sandoval hit a world series, record-tying three home runs helping san francisco cruise to victory. quite a game, first pitch for game 2, tonight, 8:07 eastern on fox. that's your fox news minute. i'm jamie colby. back to ashley and tracy. you guys probably didn't know i'm such a sports fan? ashley: i did not know that but we do now. very impressive. i know who to go to for the scores. ashley: every day. you got it, jamie. >> take care. tracy: we're asking where the heck the yankees are but that is story for another day. ashley: at home. tracy: exactly, watching. our next guest considers the airline industry to be stable. he still think there is is some obstacles domestic carriers need to cross. so who is the strongest right now? michael boyd, boyd group president, here to tell us who is the strongest, michael? >> delta is in a very good position. net earnings were something like a billion dollars. tracy: right. >> when
-take-all in a game 7 matchup between the st. louis cardinals and the san francisco giants. the winner wins the national league pennant and the date with the detroit tigers in the world series. the first pich is from san francisco at 8:00 p.m. eastern. back to lashly and tracy. tracy: lauren green, thank you very much. ashley: yahoo! reporting third quarter earnings after the bell today. ceo marissa mayer expected to make her first appearance. investors want to know how she plans to turn the company around. for more what to expect, i'm joined by scott kessler, analyst with s&p captial iq. all right, scott, big day for marissa mayer, no doubt about it. how important is this call? >> well, rashly i think it is important. obviously, look, i mean, marissa mayer has been in place for, i don't know, i guess, at this point, a handful of months at this stage. she apparently already went on and perhaps already came back from maternity leave. a lot has happened over the last few months. i think it is fair to say that people want to hear two or three things from her. one is, what her kind of broad str
if not worse. ventura up. 4.53. l.a., up 9 cents in one night. 4.53 and in san francisco 16 cents higher at 4.59 we are going to talk to our buddy, the gas buddy, at the top of the hour. where has this been going. republican congressman kevin brady joins us from houston. this is friday, jobs report, you've seen the numbers, a sharp drop to 7.8%. i want your initial reaction to this. what do you think? >> you know, i think we're focused on the the wrong number. i think the jobs number. 114,000, extremely weak again, doesn't even keep pace with population growth. we ought to be 250,000 or 350,000 new jobs every month. this far out from the recession and if you look closely at the unemployment number, yes, more people went back to work, but the bulk of them, nearly 600,000, got only part-time jobs. they wanted full-time and they're getting part-time and that's a key reason that the unemployment number dropped and we don't want a part-time recovery. stuart: thank you for bringing that up. because you are dead right. 873,000 people stay that they found work, this is from the household survey. 873,
. the san francisco chronicle says obama hits romney misses. the new yorker, less measured saying obama finally fights and wins. all right. another big issue last night. women. did the candidates really address the issues women care about? congresswoman marsha blackburn will join us next. sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little. fidelity's etf market acker shows you the big picture on how different asset classes are performing, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend. i'm stephen hett of fidelity vestment the etf market tracker is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? dot rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogeth
. thanks. dagen: charlie gasparino. the good. connell: the san francisco giants over cannot 2-0 deficit. they came back to win. you see the washington highlights right there. a big hit for the giants, the nationals as well. the big walk off by jason worth, knocked down -- saw the end of that. detroit moving on. just convert lander was terrific yesterday with 11 strikeouts taking him to the lc s. they will be there. they were a great story but it ended -- he was not yesterday went all the way so those -- some small gains and yankee games tonight, 5:something in the evening. dagen: and there is dale earnhardt junior who suffered a concussion at the kansas testing and after a racket -- was suffering. he is not racing at charlotte's or the following race. he was kind of out of it. in humans and place but he was one of the chaste drivers. he is one of the most popular athlete in the country. connell: we wish him the best. why do we always get into this. i just don't like it which is fine but i'm not arguing against the validity of its existence or anything. dagen: you sort of par. >> i am no
to atlanta from san francisco where i'm based. i have to make sure the plane is not supposed to becoming from new york that i jump on to fly to atlanta. people have to run into that situation they have to be prepared get on difficult sized planes than before. they might have to jump on a plane earlier or later or may not get the upgrade they're hoping for. melissa: right. there is a major chain reaction, if you think you're not impacted by this because if you're not in a region where this storm is guess again. there are planes supposed to be someplace and they're not. they're somewhere else. what does it mean for the travel industry? how big of a loss do you think this is? if you look who is impacted by the storm seems like the travel industry has the hardest time recouping money from something like this? >> yeah. look at air and hotel and car rental. first off, air. a lot of airlines, well all the airlines got their equipment out of the way before this storm came in. we knew that it was coming for two or three days. they got all the planes out of there. there is not a lot of equipment damage
court. despite this success according to the san francisco gate he lives with roommates and drives a 1996 toyota camry. mystifying. all right. still to come, my "2 cents more," and what you need to know when buying prescription drugs on line. don't go away. gerri: what you don't know could kill you. a slew of illegal website sell ♪ gerri: in focus tonight, websites hazardous to your health. the fda cracking down on thousands of online pharmacies selling fake drugs, and not just a regular folks like you and me, but to medical professionals. prescription drug editor for consumer reports joins me now. welcome to the show. so when i saw these numbers to monday blew me away. 18,000 web sites that they try to shut down. counterfeit drugs. what is the risk of these drugs being sold to the public? >> there are a couple, actually. the medication that you may order online is actually watered-down, so it is not really effective, as you expected to be which could be pretty dangerous, especially medication you needing your system over long time. the second, some of these medications could hav
to the san francisco gate he lives with roommates and drives a 1996 toyota camry. mystifying. all right. still to come, my "2 cents more," and what you need to know when buying prescription drugs on line. don't go away. these fellas used capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with e capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift. gerri: what you don't know could kill you. a slew of illegal website sell ♪ gerri: in focus tonight, websites hazardous to your health. the fda cracking down on thousands of online pharmacies selling fake drugs, and not just a regular folks like you and me, but to medical professionals. prescription drug editor for consumer reports joins me now. welcome to the show. so when i saw these numbers to monday blew me away. 18,000 web sites that they try to s
higher buying bp. also, take a look at bp itself. we get to the california issues. also the fire near san francisco. that was at a sever on refinery back in august. you are seeing gains across the board here. back to you. liz: thank you. the dow is coming back. it is down just 11 points. in some strange way could we end up positive right now? who knows. we have 39 minutes before "the closing bell" rings. the s&p lowered by three. one company is looking for a new energy solution. why burn expensive petrol when you can burn dirty corn oil? yes. bio diesel. bio diesel ray noble energy group. up next, we are asking dan oh, the ceo president, how he is turning trash into treasure. could it be the solution to our problems? ♪ follow the wings. ♪ liz: here is your fox business market check. we have cliff petro resources. the largest iron ore producer. it is surging today. iron ore for immediate delivery in china saw its biggest gain in a month today. does this sound a little familiar? if you watch this show, it should. listen to what ben willis said last month what we had him on the show. >>
assets strategies from new york and jeffrey powell, director of polaris asset management from san francisco. thanks for all three of you joining us today. was it nerve-wracking to be inside and market tanking and you're in a seminar talking to other investors rather than managing things? did that make you swift? >> we do things more in advance rather than reacting to marke. we were already doing things several weeks o in preparation for the uncertainty of the presidential elections how much it affects the markets and what we're expecting to on next year. melissa: really? you were getting defensive for th elen as opposed to, a lot of people thinking this quarter earnings were not going to be so g great and they wanted to get defensive ahead of that. that didn't make you as nerve rather than the election. >> both. people don't like uncertainty. the more the election comes closer together i think the more uncertainty going on within the markets. the more you will see days like today in the market. melissa: lee, is there a selloff going on right now? you think it is more than a couple
is pretty interesting. the co-ceo manages $45 million in assets, he's joining us from san francisco. everything's okay? >> it's out, i can't hear. liz: pull it around your ear, and as we get him set up, this company has found that online companies now need lots of square footage as it pertains to their distribution centers. okay, i think he's ready. i was tap dancing for a minute, walt, but i was saying you have some interesting developments in your business, particularly big distribution centers. you beat on revenue which i find more interesting than missing on the bottom line, but let's talk about your occupancy rate now at about 93%. what's getting you there? >> you know, there's, first of all, um, we had our quarter this quarter since the financial crisis. it was, it's what we've seen over the course of the last three years is occupancy steadily rising, as you said, now at 93%. and that's actually a very strong number, um, for us. and what we're beginning to see now is rents begin to bottom out and in some markets in the united states and globally rents now beginning to tick up,
. the company's actually 18 rabbits based here in san francisco, the product you're holding i think is bunny bars. it is a terrific granola bar company doubled year-over-year in sales. in oprah's magazine last month. >> honestly, when something is in oprah's magazine it is a huge endorsement, definitely. yea, bunny bars. >> 18 rabbits we were able to work with 18 rabbits because we work only with accredited investors and walled garden. our site is only open to accredited investors that is a key distinction. that is why we're able to operate ahead the crowd funding ppovision which will come into place in to 13. ashley: ryan, quickly, when you invest in this type of web site and your company, you get a piece of that business, you're kind of an owner that business? >> that's exactly right. the investors on our site are on our site because they want private market diversification. some investors out there are a little bit disenchanted with the public markets and they want the opportunity to access alternative assets, private investments being one of those. liz: right. >> so the investors come to
66-pound a week in an oil line near san francisco and fox business contributor phil flynn in the pit of the cne with the latest. up big today. >> it is a nightmare in california, these are worthy refineries had stayed online making up for the lost production from two other refineries that were down. this could not have come at a worse time as prices were starting to come down. forget about all that, look at the overall market, oil, gasoline, heating oil exploding today. the brent continued to be at the widest level in over a year. a lot of it has to do with concerns in the middle east, not only syria, turkey and iran, all of that stuff, we also have concerns about what is going to go on between israel and palestine right now. the prime minister said israel will call for early elections. see if they're taking a referendum on iran. but a lot of the talk in the marketplace today. up over $0.07 per gallon on the futures. this was a market lower yesterday, heating oil tight supplies of diesel in the midwest keeping the market strong as well, it is always something that comes to gas and oi
. and san jose up 9 cents at 4.37. san francisco, 9 cents. 4.43. los angeles up 8 cents, this is overnight, by the way, 4.34. and believe it or not, those prices are forecast to go as high as 4.80 by this weekend. refinery problems, up goes the price of gas in california. however, president obama will still win california by at least 10 points, hmm. what we saw in the debate last night was a stronger, more forceful mitt romney. and not just with president obama. he took control of the moderator, jim lehrer, look at this. >> jim, the president began this segment so i think i get the last word so i'm going to take it. >> you're going to get the first word in the next segment. but he gets the first word of that segment and i get-- let me just make that comment. and let me repeat what i said, i'm not in favor of a 5 trillion dollar tax cut. stuart: where was that mitt romney the entire campaign. was that the strategy, surprise people at the debate and out comes the new mitt? joining us is pete snyder and works for the romney campaign in virginia and a fox news contributor. pete, was this a del
for troops to leave by the year 2014. the major meteor shower. the streaks have been seen over san francisco bay and other parts of northern california. that is your fox news minute. i like it. i am jamie colby. back to dig in and connell now. dagen: the man arraigned last night. prosecutors revealing the suspect entered the country on a student visa in january of this year. connell: holding those at the center of our economy. your thoughts on how the fbi handled this. >> i think it was handled very well. terrorists and those influenced by al qaeda have new york city and the u.s. in their crosshairs. as far as the impact, and economic impact, certainly there. we have now seen about 15 or so of these undercover sting operations here. it goes to show you that these people's intentions are continuing and we do not expect it to stop anytime soon. don: this one individual came into the country under a student visa. how many of them are there out there? should we be worried about this kind of terrorism? >> this is what everyone talks about, that lone wolf syndrome. that individual, if he did not c
, comes out swinging in debate. san francisco chronicle, the headlines, romney sweats, obama doesn't. and joining us tim graham, a media analysis at the media research center. tim, was it universal across the establishment media that obama won? >> well, yes, and it's because on some level they look for the instant polls. and remember, now though that some of these instant polls like the ones on cbs are instant polls only of the uncommitted voters and i guess you could argue they are ate the ones that matter and maybe the poll that matters is the one are you more likely to vote for obama now, are you more likely to for romney. those were pretty much a wash last night. i'm looking within the overall instant poll numbers, i'm looking at cnn, for example. they asked people, all right. how do you think these, the two candidates come across in handling the job of commander-in-chief. 63% said president obama's okay. 60% said romney is okay. that's pretty close on handling the job of commander-in-chief. and when asked women, a similar question, it was split 50-50 between romney and obama,
's windows. >> apple's mini ipad and they're going out to san francisco. >> and what do you make of it, a big deal? >> a huge deal. absolutely a huge deal. google launched the seven inch tablet. moderate sales, when apple released the 7 inch tablet they've got the infrastructure and the part and the component they've already got the market share, when a 7 inch version of the ipad comes out geared to gaming and movies, a massive seller. >> and you found it, shifted it and-- >> no, no, it doesn't exist yet. we don't know, we think there's going to be an ipad-- >> do you think they'll keep the ball rolling with the field, the touch, the coolness of it? >> in fact, analyst report coming out of china or this could in fact be sleeker, better design than the current ipad. >> that's all buzz that apple creates in advance. >> and if you know, apple, apple doesn't say a word, don't say a peep. under tim kook, they would like there not to be a leak or a deep. it could drive down sales currently sitting on the market. stuart: get out of here, clayton morris. >> tim cook in interviews says we're doubling
. thanks a lot. a lot of people were watching, sandy, the san francisco giants winning the world series and second title in three years, beat the detroit tigers 4-3 and swept the series of the fourth time in the last nine years the world series has been a sweep. an amazing comebacks for the giants, down 3-1 against the cardinals in the previous series and won seven straight games, seven games in a row. and now, we have to show you this from the nfl yesterday guys. the new york football giants, they survived and they did survive barely against the dallas cowboys and bryant looked like a game winning touchdown and came down with the fingertips out of bounds barely, but you can see it on the replay and the giants went on to win, and ten seconds left by the way when it happened. and giants win 29-24. well, there's still eight days until the election and what has become a very close race and it's taking an a back stage to the polls-- to the storm, rather, we will have the latest polls for you and the big question now, is romney losing momentum? we'll ask andrea about that and of course, we'r
across the country, people in seattle, san francisco, los angeles, around the world flights have been cancelled. i know many people in other continents that cannot get back to the united states today. also we did get late word from new york governor cuomo this morning he said possibly jfk will be open tomorrow. he doubts la guardia here in new york will be open because of flooding on the runways. there's a lot of train issues i want to update you on right now. you have 1 1/2 million commuters that are just sitting, standing by because amtrak had cancelled all services along the northeast corridor. this includes several things that impact the business of the financial center of the world, and that's manhattan everybody. new jersey transit, they use amtrak tracks. governor christie is saying there is extensive damage on every line, every track. new jersey path train, people coming to work every single day, thousands of people, those trains could be out for seven days possibly more governor christie said this morning. let's talk about the issue of power. you have 7.4 million people right
in washington state. san francisco suburbs, the latest municipality to ban smoking in condominiums and duplexes and other multifamily homes. smoking is banned in buildings with two units. that is your west coast minute. dennis: never heard of banning smoking inside your own home. cheryl: you might as well be a leper of you are a smoker. dennis: in the presidential debate china's role in our market and it turns out the people's republic itself is about to lose its place as our country's biggest creditor. for the first time since the height of the financial crisis, japan owns more u.s. debt. the treasury dement reporting chinese holdings and treasuries fell through july by 0.2% while japan raised its stake by 5%. mitt romney is expected to press the china card against the president tonight. cheryl: we are going to be watching. the street has taken -- the street was taken by surprise. vikram pandit ousted as citigroup's ceo. dennis: melissa and laurie get word on the timing of that decision and talk about the s&p analyst about what is next for citigroup shareholders. el for ? that's a goothing, bu
to was not called for. it will be heard in san francisco. the hearing is in december. today, samsung has countersued as part of a different case which was already filed patent infringement against apple. apple is violating samsung's patents. apple had no comment on any of this. that case, by the way, will be heard in 2014. see you then. dagen: stay tuned. retribution for the mortgage meltdown of 2008. just a campaign ploy. melissa francis joins us with the latest on the new suit being brought against jpmorgan. connell: neil cavuto will be here at this hour as well. he is here in studio with us to talk about it all. first, let's talk about some markets. there is oil today. 92.16. ♪ logo. connell: there are our dollar bills. that could only mean one thing. dagen: we have the technology stock for your portfolio. charles: i have always resisted to say something is a screaming buy. globally it has three players. they control like 90% of the market. macro, pcs will eventually be dead. not tomorrow. particularly with innovation. this is a company that gets no real respect. it is up significantly from the
voters. mitt romney gained 6% at the debate. the founder of motivea n san francisco explains these results. this emotional attachment, if i am emotionally attached to a candidate does that mean i am far more likely to vote for them, get out of bed and get the polling station and vote? >> exactly. that is what it is about. emotional connection is what can predict turnout and commitment to the voters. it is not just as is a candidate cool or have a beer with them where obama has the vantage but am i going to leave for work early, breakout, get on a bus to vote, emotion is going to drive me to the voting booth. stuart: one thing we have been discovering or discussing is in a regular poll you don't know whether the person you told really is going to get out of bed and vote. absolutely definitely vote. you seem to have a way f measuring that and the results you come up with seem to suggest that the commitment to romney is greater than the commitment to obama. >> the market we serve, fortune 1,000 brands demotion is a differencemaker. demotion is what causes consumers to be fanati
the san francisco giants phone last night's 8-3 win. st. louis will sen their pitcheo the mound. dennis: thank you. president obama critics taking him to task for the comments made on the daily show last night. listen. >> even you would admit it was not the optimal response to the american people as far as us all being on the same table. >> before americans get killed it is not optional, and we will fix it. dennis: his final debate with mitt romney focused on foreign policy set for monday. we have a former defense secretary for the clinton administration. also a one-time republican senator from maine. thank you for being with us. mr. secretary, what do you think of the state with his money, how hard can only press obama on the libya stuff? >> i think you can press them for asking the question what risk assessment was made in terms of putting up people on the ground in libya. obviously we want to help libya. but you have to make a risk assessment and then decide what sort of protection can you be provided, what kind of protection in the nation supply? and what were the classified or open
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